Saturday, 24 June 2017

The end of Klippeneck 2017

After a fortnight of glorious weather the 2017 summer expedition is drawing to an end. A short days flying, gliders were derigged and put in trailers ready for the journey home.

Again as previously said, our thanks to our generous hosts at Klippeneck and to Richard for his hard work both during and the run up to the expedition.

Friday, 23 June 2017

23 June 2017 A bit windy today

 225/15G25. Cloud bases rising from 2000ft (QFE). Warm front approaching slowly from the North. Streeting with some wave influence (we think)

Martin Wheatley enjoyed a trial flight. "I think, with practice, I could fly one of these" - yes I think so too.

Meanwhile his wife with spaniel watched on from the launchpoint.

Luke Bishop arrived to find it a little too windy for early solo flight but had a great dual training flight and finished off with a very good landing in difficult conditions.

 Luke thermalling away
Luke took full advantage of his time with an instructor and agreed a training plan. Bronze by September? Any one interested in joining him?

Klippeneck - Thursday 22nd

Thursday, 22 June 2017

22 June 2017 - 6 training flights in 1 hour - beat that!

Winds 270/11, cloudbase 1200ft to start. Cold front to the NW passing through during the afternoon.

Plenty of helicopter activity as HeliAir transported to and from Ascot. Jim in the tug did a grand job co-ordinating helicopter departures and arrivals to the South and making sure gliding operations didn't conflict - well done Jim.  

Bob, Jack and others planned a trip to Goodwood, and set off after lunch.

  Deep concentration required
Meanwhile Jo Shepherd had groundschool (Airbrakes and Approach control) and then went out to practise. Well, he got the landings so precise the tug could simply swing in front and off we went again. 6 circuits in 60 minutes - pretty impressive.

Klippeneck sunny, thundery day and badges


Congratulations to Hakan  and David L for doing their Silver distance and heights. Paul F practised for a 300k but the thunder storms on track meant it wasn't to be. Hakan's day got better with a landout 20k to the south east just before the heavens opened with hail and rain. An aerotow was sorted once the storm had passed through (just as well as his trailer is away at Spindleberger being refurbished).

John enjoyed a couple of hours in Graham's Petrel. 

We can neither confirm nor deny whether Graham flew Tupperware again.

A very good day finished with a beer or two enjoying the summer solstice sunset

21 June 2017 Mike Barnard goes solo

SE winds @ 10 knots, temperatures expected to be 30 degrees, mainly blue with an inversion around 3000QNH.

Launching started fairly early with Mike Barnard  doing a check flight before his first solo, well done Mike.

Mike getting ready to go on his first solo flight.
Lincoln Hirst had a very busy (and hot ) day getting to grips with circuit planning. 6 flights later we got it cracked, well done Lincoln.

The 2 Richards, I call them Richard I and Richard II, tried their luck with the Junior and did incredibly well in blue conditions.

Rocky and Bob did the tugging for us today, thanks chaps, hot work but good fun.

The evening group took over and kept flying until 19.50 and landed in the relative cool of the evening.

A cooler day expected tomorrow. We shouldn't complain about the heat, before we know it we will be back in winter.  

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

20 June Another very hot day

Winds 110/05, the threatened CuNims didn't appear and soaring in the blue from about midday.

John Klunder from Camphill enjoyed a local familiarisation flight with Andrew Monk before flying his newly acquired ASW 28 (C6). A quick Bicester out and return to make sure the systems were all operational. John was until recently the CFI at Camphill.

Captain Monk also taking the opportunity to show off his summer attire.

Peter Cross achieved his 2 hour soaring flight for the cross country endorsement - well done Peter. Alistair Gill flew for the first time since 2008, he soon got into the groove and demonstrated a near perfect landing. Alistair was a solo pilot at Parham before moving to London and working as a aircraft engineer at Heathrow.

Tim Scott vanished in his 29 returning with a flourish at around 5 pm.

Lima Hotel returned from Klippeneck having had a wonderful flight across Germany and France in near ideal conditions - big grins all around.

The evening group consisted of Brian and his son who both enjoyed a flight on a  lovely summer evening.

Another very pleasant day. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

19 June - Is Amy the new Amy Johnson?

29 degrees light and variable winds favouring 06, blue thermals to 4000ft QFE

Well done Jane for thinking of the Gazebo, good plan good plan. Also a welcome challenge!

 OK I think I got it now, this is the top?

A steady stream of flights, several private single seaters as well as the Junior and K21 flying today, most people returning to cool down.

Amy Hopson was treated to a trip in a glider as part of her birthday outing. Jack her boyfriend watched on as she soared away .

Amy soon got the hang of the controls and took us for a local sightseeing tour. First time ever on the controls, so very well done.

Many thanks to Rocky and Jack for putting up with the heat in the Robin tug, very much appreciated.

Another good day tomorrow?

Hot and sticky everywhere and 8k cloud base

A couple of hot days at Klippeneck which were mostly blue but as the days progressed some cumulus or haze caps to help show the way.

The LH team have been touring around with trip to Samedan (St Moritz) Switzerland, then a trip to Friedrichshafen and tours of both the Zeppelin and Dornier museums (plus finding time for lunch as well) - makes a change from Bembridge!

Plenty of flying but let the pictures do the talking (but any rumours of Graham flying "Tupperware" will be fiercely denied).

Monday, 19 June 2017

Hot weekend

Back at Booker we have been basking in summer sunshine and the weekend was busy with training and trial lessons. Sunday was the better day in terms of xc, it started late but after 1400 conditions really got going and a number of people set off over the hills and far away.

Meanwhile back at base there was competition to squeeze into the shade offered by the gazebo.